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 Tameeka Ballance is the founder of the food journal site Tameeka Eats.

She describes herself as a foodie. For years she has been slightly obsessed with the food world and food culture in general. Late last year Tameeka decided to take matters into her hands and start this journal since she consistently writes restaurant reviews on Yelp, attends food events regularly and keeps up with the latest hot restaurants New York City has to offer.
Tameeka was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City. Her cultural background
is Southern (Maternal) and Caribbean (Paternal). With such a hearty background Tameeka was raised on collard greens and curry chicken. With that said, at an early age she became intrigued by different foods and traveling. Her paternal grandmother loved to travel and often took her grand baby along for the ride. Though these experiences she’s grown to love the thrill of getting on a plane and exploring what’s out there.
During college Tameeka honed her editing and videographer skills and dove head first into the New York City post production industry. At work (during the day) she would help manage editors schedules and pull footage. Since 2007 Tameeka has been influential with in the post production work holding such jobs as an assistant editor, post production producer, digital media account manager, and digital cinema package manager. At night (afterwork) she worked with the Queens graffiti scene and played the role of videographer for 6 years. During this time she also started a lifestyle blog where she documented her New York adventures called Tameeka Time. This blog was active for about 5 years, this allowed Tameeka to explore her city, meet some amazing creatives, and fall in love with the blogging/journaling format.
As of late 2016, Tameeka did a bit of soul searching and gave into her passion for food. She loves to write about food, food photography and food styling so she created the journal  TameekaEats.
A breakdown of Tameeka’s experience:
Assistant Editor on documentary   —– Zipper: Coney Island’s Last Ride 2012  Behind the scenes editor   —–   A Tale of Two Scenes: Editing Uptown 2010  Lifestyle Blogger for Tameekatime.com   —– July 2008 – 2013 Videographer for CortesCreates Youtube   —– 2007 – 2012  Blogger/Social Media Rep for CortesCreates Blog, Tumblr, Instagram   —– 2012 – 2013  Jersey Shore Recap Host – Youtube  —– January 2011 – March 2011 Panel Speaker at Tech Munch Food Blogger Conference   —– June 11, 2011
Live Stream Co-Host & Moderator – CortesNyc Art LiveStream Show —- January 2012 – May 2013 
Feel free to contact me at admin [at] tameekaeats.com for any collaborations, comments, support, bookings, etc.