Turmeric Is A Wonder Plant & Why You Should Be Using It

Turmeric Is A Wonder Plant & Why You Should Be Using It

A few months ago, I walked into one of my favorite grocery shops (Garden of Eden in Chelsea) and noticed a weird looking plant-thing. It looked like ginger but it wasn’t white inside it was orange/yellowish. When I looked at the sign I was shocked to learn that this was raw turmeric. I’d never seen it raw and up close. The full image is below.

Reading other food blogs and following fellow foodies I would often notice this word “turmeric” being thrown around and especially in the winter months lots of people post about “golden milk”.  Walking in to the store and seeing this plant was a sign for me! A sign that I need to research this plant because it seems to be EVERYWHERE. I also keep seeing it (in powder form) at my other favorite grocery story Trader Joe’s and even my chiropractor has even suggested I take it for inflammation after a recent back injury. After consulting my chiropractor on why I should take turmeric tablets daily I finally decided to do additional research on my why this plant is so popular (aside from the benefits). During my research, I kept wondering why no one has ever told me about this said “miracle plant” before.  There are SO MANY benefits from it. I’m so surprised this isn’t in every home. I’m going to share some info on turmeric with you my readers just so you can’t blame me for not sharing this magic plant with you 🙂 

What Is Turmeric exactly?

Turmeric is as plant. It’s in the garlic family but when processed (and powdered) it does not have the same taste of garlic (don’t worry, if you use it you will not have garlic breath). It is generally sold already boiled and grounded into a powder. It has a distinct yellow/orange color. It it very similar to a curry. You can find it powdered in almost every grocery store (just ask for it by name). 

Where Does Turmeric Come From?

It’s known that turmeric was (and still is) used in different parts of Asia for thousands of years and has made it’s way to the Caribbean and the Americas. The image I posted above is a photo I took at the Garden of Eden market near my job. It’s turmeric grown in Jamaica. Here’s how I’m used to seeing the plant powdered or in a pill form (like in the photo below).

What Are Some Benefits of Ingesting Turmeric? 

I mentioned earlier I suffered a back injury earlier this year. It was pretty intense as I was out of work for a few days and experienced muscle inflammation. I took other medication to eliminate the inflammation but I was told to add turmeric to my pill routine during this time as it was a natural anti-inflammatory. It can also be used for:

  • Soothing stomach cramping and bloating during menstruation
  • Boost heart health
  • Balance cholesterol levels
  • Help alleviate anxiety, depression, and insomnia
  • Help with kidney issues

How Can You Ingest Turmeric? 

  • Use it in soups
  • Add it to rice
  • Blend it in your smoothies
  • Add it to eggs in the morning
  • Drink it in tea (with milk) .. This is better known as “Golden Milk”: a very popular sleep aide.

Are There Any Side Effects To Ingesting Turmeric? 

As all good things are never perfect. There are however side effects to ingesting turmeric if you have a sensitive stomach or have certain allergies. Side effects of can include diarrhea, nausea, increase menstrual flow, and cause an upset stomach.

**Be sure to consult a physician before buying any type of turmeric. That is what I did, I spoke with my primary care physician and my chiropractor as they both know my medical history along with allergies, so I was in the clear for taking turmeric capsules.

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