Tameeka Eats Food Facts: Apples ??

Tameeka Eats Food Facts: Apples ??

This week I’d been thinking a lot about apples. I’ve been craving them which I do not normally do but they seem to be everywhere: in supermarket displays (right when you walk in), on television, in technology (Apple products), all over  bars with seasonal ciders, they are just everywhere this fall! Earlier today I was walking my dog and saw this (I had to stop myself for buying a bunch of the update jonagold’s.
















Is anyone else like me out there? For some reason, every single time I eat an apple the old saying comes to mind: “An Apple A Day Will Keep The Doctor Away” which I’m guessing can have some truth in the sense of we should all eat a piece of fruit instead of snacking on potato chips or candy ?.

My all time favorite apple is the granny smith. Granny Smith apples are simply beautiful to look at and have the most addictive tartness I’ve ever tasted. Plus once you have a ripe granny smith you can crunch down on it and experience juicy crispness. Did you know it’s an apple that originated in Australia in the 1800s, also did you know it’s one of the most popular apples to cook with? One of my favorite lunches includes a turkey sandwich with brie, honey, slices of green apple and whole wheat bread! Yum. Yum. Ok wait!  I can go on and on about one of my favorite fruits but I’m going to stop and get it together and give 5 facts about this delicious fruit instead.

??FACT #1 – Apples are said to have been growing wild in Central Asia around either 2 or 10 million years ago. That’s a long long tie ago.

??FACT #2 – A steady diet of apples are noted to reduce cholesterol. I guess there is some truth to that old saying.

??FACT #3 – Apples are one of the most diverse food items around. You can create savory dishes, sweet pies, alcoholic beverages, and make a soup out them. You can puree them, bake them, grill them, blend them, feed them to your dog, infuse them with booze and add them to almost any dish you make. So be careful of putting apples in the refrigerator because they stay fresher longer. 

??FACT #4 – Eating too many apple seeds can kill you. I’m being a bit dramatic but I figured this was important to mention. The apple seeds are poisonous if you eat about 200 of them. The small seeds contain a substance called amygdalin. Amygdalin releases cyanide (a chemical compound) when it comes into contact with the human digestive enzymes. 

??FACT #5 – Apples can be used as a clarifying facial mask. Believe it or not adding an apple with honey, lemon, and flower can make for a natural facial mask.

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned a little bit about one of the healthiest fruits you can eat! If you have any apple facts you’d like to share or even let me know what your favorite apple is feel free to leave a comment below. Now go and have an apple, it’ll do you some good 🙂





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