Foodie Holiday: Let’s Celebrate National Iced-Tea Day

Foodie Holiday: Let’s Celebrate National Iced-Tea Day

Today’s a foodie holiday and in my best Oprah voice I’m running around my apartment screaming “I LOVE ICED-TEA”. My beau and my dog think I’m crazy but they know it’s true.

Iced-tea is my jam!

Well tea is general is my jam. I am more of a tea person than a coffee person (I mentioned this before in my “Get To Know A Foodie” post awhile back. I only really drink coffee when necessary.

Wanna celebrate national iced-tea day? Then head over to these (3) places and get your sip on:

Starbucks – From 10am – 2pm – Customers will receive a free 24-fluid-ounce Beach Bellini™ handcrafted iced tea when they join a demo for the Perfectea® Maker at participating Teavana specialty retail stores in the U.S. and Canada. While supplies last and one per customer. 

Didn’t make it to Starbucks on time for the free tea, still stop by and grab a shaken iced green tea lemonade. It’s my go-to Starbucks tea. It’s light and refreshing with a touch of sweetness (from the lemonade).

Dunkin’ Donuts – If you are looking for a traditionally refreshing lipton-style iced-tea head to your local Dunkin’ Donuts for a large iced tea for less than $3.00. The large can honestly be shared by 2 people it’s so big. I believe it is unsweeted so add a lil sugar or agave if you like your tea sweet.

David’s Tea – Today 6/10 (and tomorrow 6/11) David’s Tea is offering free iced-tea of the day. I’ll repeat that: FREE ICED-TEA peeps! Click Here to find a location near you. The fruit teas sold here are delightful. Yesterday I tried the frozen raspberry tea and it was sour and sweet and just screamed summertime.

Staying in today and still want to celebrate? Grab a pitcher, some hot water, a few tea bags (or a strainer and raw tea) and get to making some iced tea!

Here’s a look at the tea I made earlier this morning. In the photo below it looks like a typical Lipton style tea but it actually is not. It is a raw black tea I purchased from David’s Tea and its named LOVE TEA #7 – it’s a mix of black tea, chocolate, strawberries and rose petals.

TameekaEats-Davids Tea Mugs Collection

*TEA PRO TIP* : David’s Tea has a summer tea program. Here’s how it works: You purchase a mug from the summer collection, this now becomes your passport for $1 dollar teas. Everyday the store picks (2) iced-teas as their tea of the day and you can go in, get one of these teas, fill up your summer mug and only pay a $1.00 for a tea that would normally cost you about $3.00. I’ve been doing this for about 3 years and I’ve gotten to try a lot of different types of teas through this program. Here are the mugs I have from the collection (2015/2016/2017).

Do you love tea like me?! If so what’s your favorite type of tea (black tea, green tea, mate)?

Comment below and let me know.

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