My Relationship With Coffee 

My Relationship With Coffee 

Since today is National Coffee Day ☕  I thought I should share my relationship with coffee.

That previous sentence probably sounds funny to some people but think about it. By definition, a relationship is “the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.” 

If you work a 9-5, go to college/university, stay at home, own a business or have any type of responsibility, there will be a time where you will have a relationship with good ole coffee.

For years, coffee and I have had a love / hate relationship.

I love it when I’m sleepy and have to get things done but I do not love it when I get the jitters.

Yes, that’s right! I’m a light weight when it comes to caffeine. I can drink whiskey straight but can’t have coffee on an empty stomach.

It’s kind of embarrassing to admit this. Especially when social media consists of people posting nothing but PSL’s (which I think are really gross). Or tweeting about how much coffee is life. Drinking coffee has its social aspects to it believe it or not. For me though, if I’ve had a cup in the morning I tend to make that the only cup I have for the day or I will not be able to fall asleep at night. Can you say #MessyRelationship ?!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of coffee houses. I think they are the bomb.  I absolutely love sitting  in cute decorated spots with friends or a loved one over a warm cup of coffee chatting and catching up but I always pace myself when it comes to coffee. Tea on the other hand. That’s my for-real bae but that’s for another post.

I’ve done some research on the “coffee jitters” and have concluded that I simply need to eat before I drink a cup of coffee.

According to, “Because your body systems are moving slightly faster, you may feel jittery or uneasy. Caffeine also can stimulate hormones, such as adrenaline, that make your heart beat faster and cause your body to take on the fight-or-flight response you experience when you are afraid.”


I’ve also learned that drinking lots of water (if you get the caffeine shakes like me) will help clear up that uneasy feeling.

I also do not drink daily cups which seems to be foreign to everyone I know. My co-workers are amazed that I do not have the habit of waking up and making myself a Cup of Joe everyday. This week alone, I had (2) cups of coffee: one on Wednesday and one this morning.

My body just isn’t trained for it. The first thing I generally drink is water.

It’s funny that I remember taking sips of my grandmothers “light & sweet” Folgers or Café Bustelo when I was young. She would give me a sip because I would beg her after spending most of my time with her in the kitchen. I remember loving the smell and wishing I could drink more (and be a grown up).

Little did I know that there would be days that I would desperately need a cup to get me through papers (in college), late night edit sessions (after college), and meetings now as an adult. So for those reasons I just mentioned. Coffee saves me. It’s my right hand homie {sometimes}!

When I’ve eaten and feel like I’m ready for a cup, I no longer follow my grandma’s footsteps (milk with 2 sugars aka light and sweet). I generally get soy cappuccinos.  They are just so creamy and foamy. Yum!

Now, don’t get me started on “cold brew”. That stuff could send me to the moon. I’ve only had cold brewed drink a total of 3 times since the year 2013! Haha. It’s funny how I remember that. I remember it because those 3 different cold brew moments made me feel like I was on top of the world flying high (literally). It’s not for me but I appreciate how strong it is.

So what’s your relationship like with coffee? Do you have to have a cup everyday? How do you take it? No sugar? Or a little sweet? Comment below.

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