I Ate Pasta From A Giant Cheese Wheel & You Should Too

I Ate Pasta From A Giant Cheese Wheel & You Should Too

Earlier today I met a few dear friends for lunch. While making meeting arrangements one of my friends texted me that we are meeting at a place called Basta PastaI immediately figured this was a standard Italian restaurant until I checked my trusty Yelp app and saw that this was one of “those” places. And by “those” places I mean, one of the places I could get pasta severed straight from a cheese block. I know this may sound weird but this is all of the rage going on in the foodie world (well one of the popular foodie gimmicks going on right now).

I’ve bookmarked at least 3 locations that serve you pasta in a cheesy form but I haven’t taken the time to go in and experience it, so when I did my research on this restaurant I was ecstatic to come here. Not only because I would get to try the elusive cheesy pasta but also because Basta Pasta is an Italian Japanese fusion restaurant. That’s right up my alley. I LOVE fusion restaurants, you get so much bang for your buck.

Now, if you haven’t experienced pasta this way here’s a break down of what Spaghetti con prosciutto e parmigiana consists of: Parmesan cheese gets heated and melted in a massive cheese wheel. Once the cheese is significantly hot, lightly cooked pasta is placed into the wheel. Once the pasta is in the wheel it is mixed throughly until the pasta is completely cooked and now part parmesan cheese. This is then plated and topped with prosciutto. It is delectable and extremely rich. 

Here are (5) reasons why you should eat pasta that was cooked in a giant cheese wheel:

  1. It’s a cheese wheel there should be no further questioning ?
  2. People will be drooling at your Instagram and Facebook photos ?
  3. You will never want plain pasta ever again ?
  4. You’ll actually enjoy eating spaghetti again ?
  5. It’s kid, mother, father, cousin, boss, everyone friendly. Everyone (well a good portion of people) will be impressed and thank you when you take them to a place that serves this. They’ll look at you like your a visionary ?

Check out the video I snapped of the cheese being cooked in the wheel then delicately plated.

We ordered just 1 bowl to share. I probably could have eaten a whole bowl on my own.

In the photo below you can see me eagerly awaiting my tables cheese wheel pasta.

I will say this is something every cheese lover should experience. One time in their life. There are so many restaurants all over the United States now that offer this. To find your local cheese wheel/cheese boat pasta download the Yelp app and have a grand ole’ cheesy time.

Location: Basta Pasta > https://www.yelp.com/biz/basta-pasta-new-york > Flatiron, New York City


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