Dessert Goals (Festival) – 5 Things To Know Before You Go

Dessert Goals (Festival) – 5 Things To Know Before You Go

Last October, I attended the very first ever dessert festival. Yes! A festival of just sweet sweet treats!

Forget going to your typical music festivals like Coachella or Bonnaro , this right here is a slice of heaven for a foodie. And guess what the festival is called: DESSERT GOALS.

I suffered from a case of FOMO just from the name of the festival.

And because FOMO is something I hate to experience I take pride in saying I attended the first ever dessert festival because:

1 – It was held in New York City.

2 – I’m all about the sweets! I love desserts, I LOVE cake, donuts, ice-cream, basically everything sweet. So naturally when I heard about this I had to quickly jump and grab tickets.

Dessert Goals is held in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (for those who are not New Yorker’s this is a very popular foodie and artsy neighborhood in New York City). Back in June I heard about an LA edition which is super cool that this concept is spreading. This years NY event is in just 2 days and will be held at the same location. I hear general admissions tickets can be purchased here: DESSERT GOALS NYC SUMMER 17

I have to say this was probably one of the best festivals I’ve been to in a long time. It was like all of the popular Instagramable desserts were packed into one location. It was actually kind of amazing. Plus, the vendors were super friendly, attentive and provided kick-ass photo-friendly treats. If you have a few hours this weekend I suggest you check this out. GA tickets are only $15 bucks and how else would you want to spend your weekend besides chilling on a Brooklyn rooftop eating desserts.

My favorite of all the desserts was definitely the fish shaped ice-cream cone from Taiyaki! Isn’t it gorgeous?!


If you are attending make sure you use the following hashtag to get seen: #omgdessertgoals and check out my tips on surviving dessert goals! Tell me how it was for you, comment below. 

5 Tips On Surviving Dessert Goals.png

Here are also a few pics from my time at the festival! Enjoy!


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