5 Benefits Of Adding Lemons To Your Morning Routine 

5 Benefits Of Adding Lemons To Your Morning Routine 

I’m always on the run. Every week I have an event or a restaurant to try and I sometimes make un-healthy food choices. If you follow me on Instagram you see that I love fried foods, cocktails, and bread.

These delicious things leave me tired, sluggish and turns my brain into mush. Realizing this was a pattern and noticing that about a month ago I caught two colds back to back. I started to make a change.

I simply started taking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar when I wake up. EVERYDAY! At first I refused to do it because of the smell but just like any habit, you’ll get used to it and you’ll welcome it. I then walk my dog for about 30-40 minutes, come back and quickly drink a glass of warm water with half of a squeezed lemon.
There are so many other health conscious things I need to do (*cough cough* like actually use my New York Sports Club membership) but right now this is where I’m starting and it’s helped me in the (5) following ways:

  1. I immediately get an energy boost.

    I usually wake up an hour earlier than I need to so I can walk my dog Benji. He’s a high energy wirehaired terrier and I need to keep up with him on our walks. I am not a morning person. I’m more of a mid-morning/afternoon type of woman. Some people would suggest I have a cup of coffee first thing but drinking lemon water works better for me as coffee on an empty stomach gives me the jitters.


2. It keeps me regular.

If you are reading this I consider us friends so we can be real with each other. With all of the different foods I eat throughout the day at work, during lunch, at food events, family/friend gatherings it’s really important to stay regular and poop when you should. The acid from the lemons work with your body to get your gastric juices flowing.


3. It hugs my liver and gets rid of toxins. 

Let’s be real (again). Some of us enjoy a good cocktail or 2 or 3 afterwork. And living in NYC I have the pick of the litter and I have friends who like good cocktails as well, so we meet at-least once a month and get our drink-on and wind down from our busy schedules. I enjoy these meetups with all my heart but they can take a toll on ones liver so naturally lemons become my bestie and drinking a glass a day with warm water flushes those toxins right out of my liver like “boy-bye”.

4. It helps relieve heartburn. 

I do not often suffer from heart burn (thank goodness) but I have when I’m on a full on foodie binge. Last week I had fried chicken twice in 1 week. Lord it was so good but I felt it afterwards. Luckily I always remember that lemons help with hurt burn. When I start feeling them flames hitting my chest I reach for the fridge. Seriously, when this happens I immediately drink a little lemon water (more lemon than water for this) because the lemon neutralizes the acidity in my body giving me immediate relief. As I mentioned earlier this does not happen often because I now know when to quit and pick up a batch of kale and stop with the fried crap. But for you readers if this continues get on ZocDoc and go see your doctor.


5. It helps with my glow-up. 

I wish I knew this little beauty secret years ago (why didn’t any of y’all tell me) *insert side-eye to everyone I know*.  LEMONS ?HELP ?WITH ?ACNE!!! I suffered from acne as a teen and used a ton of products to try and clear my skin. Who knew I should have just raided my mommas refrigerator?!

I started this lemon beauty regime 2 weeks ago and the glow up is real. I first wash my face lightly (with a mild soap and water). I then squeeze half of a lemon is a mug or bowl. I grab a cotton ball. Dip it in the lemon juice and apply to my face. I leave this on my face for a few minutes (about 5-8 minutes). I then wash my face with cool water and pat it dry. I can already see my skin clearing in just 3 weeks. I’m going to continue this method especially now that it’s getting warm out and lemons are proving to give me LIFE!!!


Per usual consult your doctor before following my lemon tips because different people react differently to certain levels of acidity. So hit up your doctor (and dentist) to see if this works for you and your diet/lifestyle.

What are your daily routines?! Share your recommendations, suggestions, etc below!

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